Drum setup
X25-2218-10-12-16F-14S -Pearl Drum Setup
a22"x18" Bass Drum
b12"x09" Tom
c13"x10" Tom
d16"x16" Floor Tom
e14"x5,5" Snare Drum

Target Series

The new improved Target Series drums offer the new drummer of today a high quality, great performing,complete drumset package, priced well below most other kits that offer much less. Whether you choose our professional looking high gloss lacquer finished kit, our extremely durable covered kit, or our junior sized kit perfect for younger players (type 685), you can rest assured that Target gives you the performance, sound and durability of kits costing hundreds more.
All Target kits come complete with all the hardware, cymbals, and drums you need for a complete, ready to play kit. Features like an included Drummers Throne and all wood shell Snare Drum truly set these kits apart from the pack. New for 2014 are the newly designed lugs, the newly designed Floor Tom Rubber Feet, a newly designed Foot board on the drum and Hi-hat Pedal. The sets are only available with Chrome Hardware and come with the new Hardware Package, that includes a drummers throne and a cymbal pack with a 14” Hi-hat and a 18” Crash-Ride cymbal.
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