Musik Produktiv

Musik Produktiv Messe

Come to our booth at the first musictrade fair at Switzerlands Top Dealer Musik Productiv in Niederlenz CH.

October 02nd is the start of the first Musik Produktiv Messe in Switzerland. It will last till October 04th.
We will proudly present a big Masterworks Kit and big area with lots of Demon Drives. You can check them out and use the consulting service of our Representatives.

On Sunday, October 04th, we will have two Pearl Endorsers on the Performance stage:
03:45 pm – 05:00 pm : Showtime Moritz Müller together with Pearl Percussion Artist Tilman Bruno

Musik Produktiv Messe Switzerland 2009
Messe Weekend for all Musicians 2. bis 4. Oktober 2009

The Event for all musicians and who are interested in music for Switzerland and Europe.

Three days full of Music at the first Musik Produktiv Messe. Many, many people made use of the opportunity to come to our booth checking out our DEMON DRIVES and getting product informations from our representatives.

They got impressed from the big MASTERWORKS kit. They took autographs from the artists... and made pictures with the “Monster”-Kit... On Sunday, October 04th, Moritz Müller on PEARL Reference drums & Tilman Bruno on PEARL Percussion performed on stage. They impressed the crowd with their outstanding Drums & Percussion performance.

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23-07-2014 Drum Corps Spirit of 52 Rastede joins the Pearl Family

We are delighted to announce that Spirit of 52 Rastede and Pearl Music Europe have formalized a partnership which further establishes both parties place at the forefront in the International Drum Corps world.
Cesar Zuiderwijk

08-07-2014 Cesar Zuiderwijk en Slagwerkkrant presenteren

De DrumDrieDaagse, een initiatief van Cesar Zuiderwijks Music Station en Slagwerkkrant, gaat vrijdagochtend 8 augustus voor de 13de keer van start in Musicon, Den Haag.


It was a long and hard day, but it wasn’t just any day. All three winter units showed their best performance of the season, which is more important than scores and rankings. Even though we can be proud of those also.

07-03-2014 CHILDREN OF BODOM Wins EMMA Award

CHILDREN OF BODOM Wins EMMA Award For 'Metal Album Of The Year.