On The Road with Daniel Erlandsson from Arch Enemy!

Pearl Artist Daniel Erlandsson will keep you up to date of what goes on while touring.

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On The Road blog dates:
- Bang Your Head Festival - Balingen, Germany
14.07.2012 - Rock Harz Open Air - Ballenstedt, Germany
15.07.2012 - Masters Of Rock - Vizovice, Czech Republic
18.07.2012 - Hegyalja Fesztival - Tokaj Rakamaz, Hungary
20.07.2012 - Devilside - Oberhausen, Germany
21.07.2012 - Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
28.07.2012 - Q-Stock Festival - Oulu, Finland


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23-07-2014 Drum Corps Spirit of 52 Rastede joins the Pearl Family

We are delighted to announce that Spirit of 52 Rastede and Pearl Music Europe have formalized a partnership which further establishes both parties place at the forefront in the International Drum Corps world.
Cesar Zuiderwijk

08-07-2014 Cesar Zuiderwijk en Slagwerkkrant presenteren

De DrumDrieDaagse, een initiatief van Cesar Zuiderwijks Music Station en Slagwerkkrant, gaat vrijdagochtend 8 augustus voor de 13de keer van start in Musicon, Den Haag.


It was a long and hard day, but it wasn’t just any day. All three winter units showed their best performance of the season, which is more important than scores and rankings. Even though we can be proud of those also.

07-03-2014 CHILDREN OF BODOM Wins EMMA Award

CHILDREN OF BODOM Wins EMMA Award For 'Metal Album Of The Year.