Agostino Marangolo

Sessions, Independent, Studio

Agostino Marangolo

Bandname Sessions, Independent, Studio
Country Italy
Genre Session

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Born in Catania, Sicily, Anostino career started in the 70’s after he moved to Rome in order to continue his musical studies. In 1974 after 3 albums and numerous collaborations with important musicians, he started playing drums for the group "Goblin" until 1980. AGOSTINO also participated as composer in music for films such as : 1975 : "Profondo Rosso" for Dario Argent 1977: "Suspiria" for Dario Argent 1978 : "Zombie" ; for George C. Romer By the end of the 70’s he met Pin Daniele and together made 2 albums: "Pino Daniele" "Nero a metà" In 1980 he joined the group "Perigeo" together with Carlo Pennisi, Giovanni Tommaso, Maurizio Gianmarco and Danilo Re, they recorded “Effetto amore”. He also took part in the recording of the "L'aldilà" soundtrack as a session-drummer and went on tour with Alberto Fortis. In the last few years Agostino Arangolo joined Pino Daniele's group.