Cato Bekkevold


Cato Bekkevold

Bandname Independent
Country Norway
Genre Metal

Pearl Products

Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (RF2218B/C)
  • b 8" x 7" Tom (RF0807T/C)
  • c 10" x 8" Tom (RF1008T/C)
  • d 12" x 9" Tom (RF1209T/C)e 13" x 10" Tom (RF1310T/C)
  • f 14" x 11" Tom (RF1411T/C)
  • g 18" x 16" Floor Tom (RF1816F/C)
  • h 14" x 6,5" Snare Drum (RF1465S)

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Enslaved was formed in 1991 and did their first demo “Yggdrasill” in 1992. They released the legendary mini album “Hordanes Land” in 1993. Their debut album came during the spring of 1994, while the successful second album “Frost” was released already late 1994.“Eld” in many ways marked the opening of a horizon-widening era for the band in 1997 – the followingyear saw the release of “Blodhemn”; perhaps surprising some with its fury and blacker edges.“Mardraum (Beyond the Within)” came to live in 2000; this aural nightmare of an album sent shockwaves through the extreme metal scene with its experimental, innovative approach.

The band followed up with “Monumension” in 2001; and again the band was shocked to see the positiveresponse to their “no rules” approach to extreme metal. Many see an important, if not the importantmilestone being “Below the Lights” - where the progressive yet darker Enslaved emerged – released in 2003; it presented the perfect blend of power, tradition, progressive elements and dark psychedelia.Enslaved started climbing new heights with their live performances, adding strong visualelements in the shape of video art and more. In 2004 they released the album “Isa”. This album put Enslaved at the very forefront of contemporary extreme metal; both as a recording and live artist. Enslaved received both the Norwegian Grammy and the independent Alarm Price for “Isa”, topping it off with the release of acclaimed live-DVD “Return to Yggdrasill”. The critically acclaimed “Ruun” saw the light in 2006, and also received numerous great reviews worldwide. Early 2007 Enslaved sat out on tour in USA and Canada, and “Ruun” was rewarded with another Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album 2006.

At the end of the year, “Ruun World Tour part II” commenced all over Europe and the North-American continent.Whilst building a reputation as one of the very finest live-acts around; there was found the time andpower to create Enslaved’s greatest piece in seventeen years of existence: “Vertebrae”.“Vertebrae” comes across as one of the strongest albums to emerge from the extreme metal scene: sound, songs and atmosphere marks a great leap for the band and genre as a whole. “Vertebrae” was put out worldwide in 2008. It brought home Enslaved’s third Norwegian Grammy in a row. The album has spread across the globe like fire with extensive promotion and touring – beginning with the “Vertebrae European Tour“ end 2008; followed by a North American trek in May 2009 and visits to major music festivals in Norway and Europe.

In 2018 Cato Bekkevold left Enslaved band after 15 years.