Clive Jenner


Clive Jenner

Bandname Independent
Country United Kingdom
Genre Various styles
Product Configuration

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Since 2007 after finishing with Groove Armada I’ve been the drummer with The Proclaimers

playing live and recording their last four albums. Their last album LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE

DOGS went in the UK charts at number 18 in 2015 produced by Dave Eringa [Manic Street

Preachers, Wilco Johnson, The Who] at rockfield studios. I’ve been touring the new album for

the whole of 2015 with The Proclaimers being the 6th biggest UK live act by Ents24 the UK's

biggest live guide. 2016 will see the band on a world tour taking in Hong

Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Dubia, Canada and USA plus festivals and more shows in the UK.

I’ve also been putting some album tracks down for PETER GREEN [FLEETWOOD MAC] on a new album out 2016’17. I also run teaching and recording facility in London since 2005 with over 40 students. Also playing regualy on the British blues scene with the band Bad Influence. Peace and love everyone.


Artist Interview:

What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Drums?

The Consistent tone now matter where in the World I perform, the back up is second to none!

Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums?

Phil Gould – Level 42 

Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow?

Sorry I’m either glued to my drum throne on the road or in the studio so I don't get out much!

What do you like most about being a drummer?

The hours I work

What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show?

I collapsed

What do you practice and for how long?

What’s that…sorry I just don’t get time, I play full time 

What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry?

Soak everything up and practice, practice, practice! And learn to write songs