Daniil Svetlov


Daniil Svetlov

Bandname Amatory
Country Russia
Genre Metal

Pearl Products

Crystal Beat
Masters Custom Maple
Product Configuration

Drumset specs:

22" bass drum
12" tom tom
16" floor tom 
14" snare

P-2052C double pedal and all Pearl hardware

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In his childhood Daniil was inspired by John Bonham and Keith Moon. 
He has been playing drums since he was 7 years old. 
He is one of the founders of the most famous russian new-metal band [AMATORY] - Daniil participated in the record of all 6 full-length albums, 12 singles/ep's, all live  DVDs and took part in 12 music videos. 
Daniil is a co-founder of the drumschool "Drumstarz", based in Saint-Petersburg. 
During his session drumming career Daniil played with a sheer number of bands and artists, such as Caliban, Animal Jazz, Stigmata, etc. 
Besides [AMATORY], Daniil also performs with ATL and Neiromonakh Feofan.

Daniil uses Masters and Crystal Beat series!