Eric Lebailly

Adagio, independent

Eric Lebailly

Bandname Adagio, independent
Country France
Genre Rock

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Eric is 10 years old when he first takes the sticks.

At 15 he discovers billy cobham during a concert and that event makes him decide to take drum classes : he approches Jazz, fusion and many musical styles

At the same time, he meets  Cyril Achard with whom he discovers a very strong disciplin and intensity of work, wich will build his musical identity and personality, they were already playing with Franck Hernani, futur bass player in « Adagio »

After 6 years of tours and recordings, he joins Nefesh, rock fusion band, they record together Dans la Masse (Nextmusic). He joins Adagio in 2004. In february 2004, the « Underworld » tour presents him to the band’s many fans, Adagio plays at the Élysée Montmartre in  Paris : this show was immortalised on the record : A Band In Upperworld. At the end of year  2005, he records the third Adagio album : Dominate (Double Visions – Distribution Sony BMG) wich comes out in the beginning of 2006, followed closely by Dominate Tour.

 With  Adagio they played around the world (U.S.A, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, France…). The album : "Archangels in black" came out in 2009. see article about the band : Adagio.

In  2010, he records on Cyril Achard’s solo album "Violencia" , with his friend Franck Hernany (bass).

Since may 2011, he plays with Louis Bertignac. They will perfom a hundred concerts during the 2014/2015 season.

He also works in 2016 on Cyril Achard’s new fusion project.