Erik Fleuren

Legion of the Damned

Erik Fleuren

Bandname Legion of the Damned
Country The Netherlands
Genre Metal

Pearl Products

Masters Premium Maple
Masters Premium Snare Drums
Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (MMP2218BX/C)
  • b 10" x 8" Tom (MMP1008T/C)
  • c 12" x 9" Tom (MMP1209T/C)
  • d 13" x 10" Tom (MMP1310T/C)
  • e 16" x 16" Floor Tom (MMP1616F/C)
  • f 14" x 6,5" Snare Drum (MMP1465S)



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If you haven’t heard of LEGION OF THE DAMNED until now, you have probably been in the deepest slumber for the last years. The Dutch band appeared on the screen in 2006 with their strong debut ‘Malevolent Rapture’, an uncompromising slab of killer death/thrash reminiscent of the masters of the eighties packed in a modern killer sound and was highly acclaimed in the press. Legion of the Damned showed the world being able to combine furious thrash mayhem with mid paced neckbreaking rhythms, translocating the realm of the eighties into the new millennium. After the release of ‘Malevolent Rapture’ LOTD “destroyed” the stages on the No Mercy Festivals together with Cannibal Corpse and Kataklysm, and playing tons of (major) European festivals such as Rockhard, Summerbreeze, Up From The Ground and Wacken Open Air, as well as a mini tour in autumn 2006 with veterans Destruction, and in December/January 2006-2007 they joined forces with Sodom and Finntroll again playing shows all over Europe!… Showing the audience what they can expect in the future: ferocious power of this well-oiled war machine!!
Between the gigs Legion of the Damned was busy writing new songs for the next album…
They returned with ‘Sons of the Jackal’ early 2007, featuring 10 songs that surpassed the previous material, more dark, more violent and more diverse, but still delivering that razor-sharp riffing with utmost precision, extremely tight drumming by Erik and the vicious vocals which sound even more menacing than before. Also the production outdoes the job of the previous album… The album ‘Sons of the Jackal’ makes it even to the official German album charts !!

After a successful tour with Kreator and Celtic Frost, and playing again shows all over Europe in 2007, early 2008 Legion of the Damned released ‘Feel the Blade’, a re-release album from their previous band Occult's ‘Elegy for the Weak’. This Legion of the Damned album got absolutely fantastic press reviews in all major magazines across Europe and again they entered the official album charts in Germany, but now also in Finland, Norway and Austria.
LOTD is delivering the same quality, even more convincing, with ‘Feel the Blade’… the quartet took the hearts of thousands of fans by playing thrash-/death metal in its purest and most brutal form and electrifies even the mostly spoiled audience at their furious gigs. The tight interaction, the elemental force and last but not least the extremely long hair of the musicians breed an enormous stage presence and bring a feeling back into Thrash, that has been present back in the 80’s for the last time.

Later that year in 2008 the band returns with ‘Cult of the Dead’- and steps forward without getting loose of their trademarks. But this time, everything is even more brutal, more uncompromising and more diversified. There are numerous fantastic thrashers with big hooklines, and also some experiments with harmony guitars and unusual beats can be found on the album which delivers more profoundness to the album. The album comes with an aggressive sound that connects modern drive with old school-spirit in a perfect manner. The guitars are sawing constantly, the bass punches the pit of the stomach and Erik’s drums move forward without mercy. The evil, perverted vocals stand embossed above the sonic massacre and divert into dark chants frequently. The album is more brutal and more malicious than anything that has been released upon the world of music in the last time. It is a true inferno, a thrash-/death metal-manifest, which will be very hard – if not to say impossible – to get ahead of for the competition. The cult of the dead is awake, ready to take the world by storm. Beware!

In 2010 Legion of the Damned releases their ultimate CD+2DVD live-package with entitled ‘Slaughtering...’ and covers live performances, video clips, etc.
And early 2011 the long awaited new album ‘Descent Into Chaos’ was released – recorded and produced in the Abyss Studio in Sweden by mastermind and musician/producer extraordinaire Peter Tägtgren. Again LOTD shows no mercy at all and hunts you down till you drop!! Supporting their latest effort they recently returned from an extremely successful European co-headline tour with Kataklysm… Also summer festivals are already confirmed, such as: Graspop, With Full Force, Metalcamp, Bang Your Head, Nummirock, etc.… and there are plenty more to come!