Heikki Malmberg


Heikki Malmberg

Bandname Diablo
Country Finland
Genre Various styles
Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (MCX2218BX/C)
  • b 8" x 7" Tom (MCX0807T/C)
  • c 10" x 8" Tom (MCX1008T/C)
  • d 12" x 8" Tom (MCX1208T/C)
  • e 14" x 12" Floor Tom (MCX1412F/C)
  • f 16" x 14" Floor Tom (MCX1614F/C)
  • g 14" x 6,5" Floor Tom (MCX1465F/C)

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Heikki Malmberg is revered for his soulful expression, limb independence, power, stamina, and ruthless practice regimen. 
He is a man who has played the drums since the age of thirteen all the while honing his own individual style to perfection. 

Malmberg was born in 1981 in Tampere, Finland, where he still resides. 
Apart from recording and performing with groups such as Diablo, Manzana, and Dame, Malmberg has given private drum lessons since 1996. In addition, his rare clinic appearances are always well attended. Although well 
versed in various aspects of percussion, Malmberg’s main inspiration comes from rhythmatist peers like Terry Bozzio, Marco Minnemann, and Mike Mangini. In Finland, Malmberg pioneered and to a certain extent popularized the latter’s "open stance" technique. The drums aside, Malmberg also plays the guitar. Heavily influenced by the works of Fredrik Thordendal, Robert Fripp, and Mike Keneally, he also composes his own music. In recent times, the will to focus on this project has forced the trailblazer to cut down the amount of session and live work. The final decision to decrease live work came in the Summer of 2007, when Malmberg realised he had to perform at the same festival with not only Diablo and Dame but Stam1na as well. The latter hired him on very short notice, in the middle of their own tour, due to the regular drummer's motorcycle accident. Stam1na’s brand of metal is technically at least as challenging as Diablo’s, but Malmberg excelled in the difficult task. After his stint ended, Stam1na leader Antti Hyyrynen described the stand-in drummer thus: "Heikki is like a laser weapon; accurate, mysterious and filled with top secret technology".