Hermann Kock

Two Man Group, Sagmeister Trio, Ed Sperber Big Band

Hermann Kock

Bandname Two Man Group, Sagmeister Trio, Ed Sperber Big Band
Country Germany
Genre Various styles

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Hermann studied Classical Percussion in Wiesbaden and Würzburg.
Drumset Studies with legendary Peter Giger.
He played on the first top-selling Sagmeister Trio records and toured germany with him. Then he toured with Soul-Singer Maxine Howard all over Europe.
Since 2004 he appeared as a Solodrummer on drumfestivals and teaches drums at the Universities of Mainz and Frankfurt.
His Workshops lead him all over germany. He plays a lot of rcording sessions, for example for the Konstantin Wecker Musical "Gebrüder Grimm".
As a jurymember of the "Brassband Competition Germany" he has excellent contacts to all Druminstructors of the german army.
His book "drum`n`bass essentials" includes many of his teaching concepts.

Schedule 2012
- Workshoptours in March, November with "Two Man Group" and as a
- Printworkshop in the drummagazine "Drumheads", incl. instructional
- CD/DVD - Production with "Two Man Group" in August
- Jazzfestivals and german tour with div. Jazzartists in June, July, August
- in October he plays in Monte Carlo with international show artists

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