Joe Rickard

In Flames

Joe Rickard

Bandname In Flames
Country Sweden
Genre Metal

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Reference Brass

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If you had to apply a descriptor to Joe Rickard's drumming, it might be this: He's not

quick, he's sudden. Voted one of the Up & Coming Drummers and one of the Rizing

Stars of the past few years, live, the timekeeper for metal band IN FLAMES looks to be a

dervish, all limbs and tats providing yet another visual element to any of the artists that

he steps on stage for. But when you look and listen closer, you find the precision and

passion of a man dedicated to his instrument and the pursuit of its, sometimes elusive


Encounter Joe Rickard off the stage, and you're probably going to run into

someone who's either just come from practicing or studying or writing, or is on his

way there now. He's that into it. “I love watching really great drummers and trying to

figure out what they do," Joe continues. "I also spend a lot of time recording, writing and

working on parts. Being consistent every show is what I strive for.” So the studied

suddenness that shows up at every show isn't new; it's the hallmark of the young

musician's career, one that started from his earliest days behind the kit. "I asked for a

drum kit when I was 13 and I was absolutely hooked; obsessed, even." Joe remembers.

That kind of quick decisiveness carried over into Joe's first ongoing professional gig, at

the age of 17 and a few years later got him the job drumming for aggro-rock band RED.

Thus was Rickard’s professional career until age 27 when he decided to move on from

RED and pursue new things.

Performing and recording with the RIAA Gold Certified and Grammy Nominated RED

gave Joe the opportunity to play some of his dream shows like The Conan OʼBrien Show

and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and very importantly it had found a creative

freedom that went far beyond being "just the drummer.” Joe currently lives in Los

Angeles and is in and out of the studio doing sessions for major producers such as

Howard Benson. You might have seen him out on the road though playing for many

different artists. “I love being able to play for so many different artists. From hip hop,

singer/songwriter, pop, rock, and of course metal. It’s really keeping me on my toes

going from gig to gig. Always pushing myself to get better.”

So while the suddenness of Joe Rickard's musical life plays out on a daily

basis, he's adamant he wouldn't have it any other way. "I'd do the same thing all

over again," he says. "I love drums, it’s what I enjoy the most. I am so grateful to be

doing what I love to do and working with amazing people.”


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