Katha Mia

Mono INC

Katha Mia

Bandname Mono INC
Country Germany
Genre Rock

Pearl Products

Crystal Beat
Throne Thumper
Product Configuration

This spectacular set consists of two 22x16” Bassdrums, 12x8” Tom, 16x15” Floor tom and 14x6.5” Snare drum.

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Katha Mia is currently a drummer and a back vocalist in the band Mono Inc. She is also a Pearl Drums artist and plays Pearl Crystal Beat drum set.

In 2005, Katha Mia met Martin Engler (singer, Mono Inc.) at the Depeche Mode backstage in Leipzig where she gave him her number, one year after she joined the band on drums. 

"Drumming still stays a predominantly male profession. Of course there are really great female drummers, but most of the truly outstanding ones are still men. Essentially, you should play the drums like a man, or at least play the way which audience would now expect from a woman. Although when it comes to singing, it happened unexpectedly during one of the times in the studio." - Katha Mia

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