Markus Mustonen


Markus Mustonen

Bandname Kent
Country Sweden
Genre Rock
Product Configuration
  • a 24" x 15" Bass Drum (MWC2415B/C)
  • b 14" x 10" Tom (MWC1410T/C)
  • c 16" x 15" Floor Tom (MWC1615F/C)
  • d 18" x 15" Floor Tom (MWC1815F/C)
  • e 16" x 15" Floor Tom (MWC1615F/C)
  • f 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum (MWC1465S/C)



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Markus started his drum career in the band Jones & Giftes from Eskilstuna (SE) together with Joakim Berg, Martin Sköld, Sami Sirviö and Thomas Bergqvist. Jones & Giftes plaid some small club gigs but it didn't last that long. 1993 the band moved up to Stockholm and changed the band name to KENT. 1995 KENT released there first album and have during these 2 decades become one of the most successful band in Scandinavia. Markus is a keystone in KENT. His dynamic and musical technique combines the hard hitting rock with soft melodic music. With several music awards, sold out arenas and more then 1,5 million sold records, KENT definitely deserve the title as the Biggest Rock band in Scandinavia. KENT Joakim Berg - Lead Vocal, Guitarr Martin Sköld - Bass, Synth Markus Mustonen - Drums Sami Sirviö - Guitarr

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