Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto

Grave Pleasures

Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto

Bandname Grave Pleasures
Country Finland
Genre Metal

Pearl Products

Reference Pure
Product Configuration
  • a Bass Drum 20”x18"
  • b Tom 10"x9"
  • c Tom 12"x9"
  • d Floor Tom 16"x14"
  • e Snare Drum 13"x6,5"
  • f Snare Drum 10"x6,2"



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Rainer 'Raikku' Tuomikanto, is a professional drummer, session drummer, drum teacher, drum technician and a drum clinician. He grew up in the metropolitan area of Finland listening to a lot of different styles of music and started playing drums in 1991 at the age of ten. Within the next couple of years he joined his first band and got his first drum kit. He has studied in various places and with many great teachers through the years, for ex. Soitin Mirsch (w/ Matti Oiling R.I.P.), music school Tauko (w/ Tero Seppänen) and Oulunkylä's Pop/Jazz conservatory (w/ Miri Miettinen etc.). His style of playing consists of groove, hard-hitting, rock, metal, progressive. All in all he prefers to combine stuff together to get his signature sound and style. He's very into what I like to call magic tricks with the kit, beats that sound impossible and all innovative and never-heard-before. He started throwing gigs in an early age and to this day he has toured in douzens of countries and cities all over the globe

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