The Stone Roses


Bandname The Stone Roses
Country United Kingdom
Genre Indie

Pearl Products

Crystal Beat
Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (MPL2218B)
  • b 12" x 9" Tom (MPL1209T)
  • c 13" x 10" Tom (MPL1310T)
  • d 16" x 16" Floor Tom (MPL1616F)
  • e 14" x 5,5" Snare (MPL1455S)



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Alan John Wren born in 1964, in Manchester, England better known as Reni, is the drummer of the ever influential rock band The Stone Roses.

Reni is considered by many to be one of the best drummers of his generation, 
and quite possibly the “single most important drummer in UK indie circles” according to Rhythm magazine in 2004.
His laid-back style of off-beat rhythms was influential in bringing about the blend of indie and dance music that formed much of the Manchester sound of the day.
Reni is credited with having taught himself how to play drums in his youth due to his family situation, where he was always around a fostering musical environment.
When Pete Townshend of “The Who” witnessed an early gig by the young Stone Roses, he commented that Reni was the most naturally gifted drummer he had seen since Keith Moon. This unusual encounter concluded with The Who star asking the band whether he could use their drummer, which led to performances of Pictures of Lily amongst others, with the 20 year old.

Reni joined The Stone Roses in May 1984… and his initial playing style was characterized by the energy from evident influences such as Keith Moon. Manchester music scene regulars commented that it was clear most people were attending the band's early gigs to see Reni play…"go and see The Stone Roses, their drummer's amazing".
However, as the band's music progressed his playing style became renowned by his use of a 3-piece kit, and the additional complement of his backing vocals on many songs. His use of a smaller kit did not limit the range of sounds he could produce – his distinctive use of the high-hat and cymbals created a unique chiming sound witnessed on many of the band's most famous songs. Reni's abilities were most obvious in the live performances that The Stone Roses gave where he was able to show his full range of abilities.

Rhythm magazine commented that he was, "funkier and more subtle than any drummer in the genre (indie) had ever been", and that he was, "economical, soulful and inventive". Indeed, Rhythm magazine named him as a drummer hero stating, "you know him best by his ability to always play it cooler than cool".

Many fans also found that his harmonic backing vocals were an integral part to the band's music, particularly during live performances.
Reni was the first member of the "classic" Stone Roses line-up to leave in March 1995, with much mystery surrounding his exit. The band continued with another drummer but then broke up in 1996.

In a press conference in October 2011, Reni, along with the other members of The Stone Roses, announced the band would be reforming for two 'homecoming' gigs at Heaton Park, Manchester on June 29th and 30th 2012, plus a full World Tour, which just took off with starting gigs in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

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