Ric Chandler

independent, sessions

Ric Chandler

Bandname independent, sessions
Country United Kingdom
Genre Session

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Ric is a drummer, percussionist and programmer who is has been playing drums since the age of nine (18 Years) and has been professional for 10 years. He is a very versatile drummer and percussionist, who has worked both live and in the studio with a wide range of artists and producers. 
Here is a list of them:- Artists: Rico (Chrysalis.)Tricky(Epitaph),High Fidelity(Soup dragons) Arista.),Matthew Jay (Parlaphone.) Tam! (Roadrunner.) Amy Studt . Billy Cobham. (independent) Imogen Heap (Almo).Soma records & many others. Producers: Tim Goldsworthy (Primal Scream/Uncle/DJ Shadow). Jim Abbiss (Sneaker Pimps/Lamb/Massive Attack). Joe King (Radiohead/Steveie Wonder/Tindersticks).Ray Shulman (Roadrunner /Varous Artists). John Leckie (Radiohead/Muse/Pink Floyd). Gilbert Gabriel (Dream Academy/Various Artists). Ric Pete (Charlatans/Six by Seven/Muse). Matt Ellis (Loiuse/Rico/Various Artists). Ian Jones (Metallica/Faith No More/EMI USA). And many others. Ric has done both live Television (Jools Holland/NPA) and live radio sessions (GLR/XFM/Radio 1). 
As for touring Ric has played many European and American tours, including festivals (Roskilde/Glastonbury/Reading/Lowlands etc.), and venues (London Forum/Paridiso Amsterdam etc.), supporting various bands (MacyGray/Eurythmics/Therapy?/Nine Inch Nails/Bjork etc.). Recorded the 2nd album with Rico, which included recording an E.P. with Tricky ( Rico V Tricky ) in September 2004. Rico have just completed a tour supporting Gary Numan. 
He plays a Pearl masters kit: ( 22 x 16 ) bass drum ( 8 x 10 ) tom ( 10 x 10 ) tom ( 12 x 10 ) tom (14 x 12 ) tom News: I've just finished a year long tour Drumming/Musical Directing with Calvin Harris(Sony/BMG) ,which included supporting Faithless on an arena tour , Groove Armada on a UK tour , UK and European festivals (Glastonbury, t in the park , Lowlands , Global Gathering etc.) Many Tv/Radio session (Radio 1 'Live Lounge',' Pete Tong Session' , MTV , T4 ,etc) and American Dates. I’ve also been working on a sample cd/Package for Zero-g / Native instruments which will be all original breaks covering R'n'B, Hip - Hop (including old school), Drum 'n' Bass, House, Latin Etc. Also I’m writing a drum teaching book for total beginner’s with top quality play along tracks and exercises which can also be used for school exam pieces, as well as a self teaching aid. I also have many studio dates booked for recording in the UK and Europe and I’m very active on the London session scene.
What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Percussion? Pearl Drums always sound amazing no matter what situation I am in, both the studio and in a live setting my reference kit is always easy to tune and get a fantastic sound from , which inspires me to play my best all the time. Also they look great and a Pearl export kit was my 1st ever kit I saved up for out of my paper round money at the age of 12, so I am proud to have always played pearl (my 1st ever kit aged 6yrs wasn't a Pearl and consequently got sold for £20.00 so I could buy another Pearl!! 
Which Drummer or band influenced you most into playing Drums? Stewart Copeland from the Police (I remember thinking very early on that what I wanted to do and still want to do is what Mr Copeland did and that was mix up a lot of traditional styles and make them your own style by putting your personality into it Led Zepplin’s 'John Bohnam' his sheer power and feel always exited and inspired me alot. -Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow? Jojo Mayer is amazing with his own style of drumming and incredible technique 
What do you like most about being a drummer? Being lucky enough to be in many different musical situations all the time, always being challenged to come up with the goods ,and hitting things for a living and making an enormous amount of noise still makes me very happy!! 
What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show? At the start of a show in Germany supporting the band Therapy I had to step down from Therapy's drum riser onto my own riser in the dark and someone had put a floor light in the way, subsequently I stepped on it, fell over my kit destroying it in the process all in front of 3000 people. I then had to get up and rebuild my kit with the tech, so, so embarrassing 
What do you practice and for how long? Currently I’m learning to play left hand lead as the possibilities are amazing. I practice very slowly for around 2/3/ hours per day, work and time permitting. 
What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry? Get a good lawyer as you should always get things contractually sorted out before doing any work. Be professional in every aspect of your career (be on time, be enthusiastic, be fun) prepare well if you're going into the studio/or live i.e learn arrangements/parts etc. Learn to be flexible in your playing (learn EVERY style of music traditionally) and in your profession (learn music software programming, learn to read music, learn a harmonic instrument i.e. guitar/piano, Learn percussion) this way you'll always be working 
If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be? Peter Gabriel or maxi Jazz as both these guys are amazing at what they do.