Riccardo Merlini


Riccardo Merlini

Bandname Independent
Country Italy
Genre Rock
Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (RF2218B/C)
  • b 12" x 8" Tom (RF1208T/C)
  • c 10" x 8" Tom (RF1008T/C)
  • d 8" x 7" Tom (RF0807T/C)
  • e 14" x 14" Tom (RF1414T/C)
  • f 16" x 16" Tom (RF1616T/C)
  • g 14" x 6" Snare Drum (RF1406S)



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Riccardo Merlini is born in Legnago (Verona, Italy) in 1986 and he has been always living in Rovigo.

He started studying the drums when he was 4 years old. After 7 years of self-education he entered the

Rovigo music school attending percussions classes until the 5th academic year. His great talent pushed

him, in April 2005, to study with the famous drummer Mike Mangini at Berklee College of Music in

Boston, where he could improve his technique and learn the exclusive Mangini’s method, becoming the

only “educator" authorized by Mangini to disclose in Italy his didattic method, "Rhythm Knowledge".

In July 2005 Riccardo gets the degree at “AMM” National Drum School. At the same time, he starts

his activity as “clinician” and give courses in extreme drumming. In November 2005 he wins the

auditions as new drummer of the band MR.PIG and in January 2006 he begins his adventure with the

band, where he plays until October 2009, after more than 500 concerts in North Italy. In the same year

Riccardo signs a deal for official endorsement with cymbals brand UFIP. In 2007 he takes part in the

“WORLD FASTEST DRUMMER COMPETITION” in Los Angeles, scheduled during the NAMM

SHOW, there, he sets the annual record for hand singlestrokes in 1 minute (1190) and finish 2nd in the

final competition, attaining 1122 strokes in 1 minute.

In July 2009 he records the album "ALTREMOLECOLE" produced independent label

“ESTREMOMUSIC” together with guests as: Mario Schilirò (Zucchero), James Thomson (Zucchero),

Vittorio Matteucci (Notre Dame de Paris of Cocciante, "Dracula" PFM), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai,

Extreme), Daniele Gottardo (Italian Guitar Virtuoso), Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirit, Virgil Donati),

Lorenzo Feliciati (Nicolò Fabi, Tiromancino).

In the same month Riccardo becomes official “endorser” of PEARL drums and SABIAN cymbals, that

he’s been promoting with a long tour of “clinics” and “performances” with other big names from the

drums world, in Italy and abroad (as at Los Angeles NAMM SHOW 2010 and at Frankfurt

MUSIKMESSE 2010). From September of the same year Riccardo is a teacher in “Modern Music

Institute” as SPECIAL TUTOR of the drums course “EXXXTREME DRUMMING”, directed and

founded by Riccardo himself, in collaboration and with the supervision of Mike Mangini. Again in

2009, Riccardo shared the stage with MIKE TERRANA for an extraordinary two drums clinic and in

May 2010 he takes part in a Clinic Tour consisting of six performances in Italy with Mike Mangini,

opening all the acts with a solo performance. In the same days Riccardo is guest on the stage of

“Groove Day” with the Italian duo “Il Diavolo e l’Acqua Santa” (Roberto Gualdi and Stefano Bagnoli)

where he shows his fast hands on the snare drum.

Some months after that he’s with the band “TREMO” in the tour “Brodway I Love” in Slovenia,

during the “International Singing Workshop”.

In September 2010 Riccardo begins to record an album, again with the band “TREMO”, and in

November he records the drums in the new album of the Italian band “CENTRICA”. Riccardo played

also live with the world master of singers Brett Manning, and the incredible bass player Marco

Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent).

In 2011 Riccardo has been competitor at the “Italia’s got Talent” TV show with an incredible

performance along the Michael Jackson’s hit “Beat it”. The same year Merlini has the opportunity to

play drums with the incredible guitarist Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X) during his italian tour.

After this great opportunity Riccardo became one of the most appreciated drummer of his generation

in Italy performing with his drums at the most important “drummer events” of whole Italy, like

“BATTERIKA” in 2013 (with Daniele Gottardo on guitar), RITMI SHOW (2011 and 2012) and many

others like clinics.

Riccardo was also guest teacher of the first “Mike Mangini Drum Camp” in Italy and of the first

Thomas Lang’s “Big Drum Bonanza” in Los Angeles. Ca. USA.

Currently Riccardo is a full time drum teacher and a session drummer for tours, live shows and

recording studio.


Riccardo Merlini is a Rock - Pop - and somethimes Exxxtreme Metal Drummer


Artist Interview

What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Drums?

First of all Pearl’s snare drums are amazing, I love all Pearl drums’s finishes and sound especially of my Reference kit.


Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums?

“Mike Mangini, my first mentor at my young age in Boston.

Who’s now the drummer of my favorite band, Dream Theater”


Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow, who has caught your eye?

“I think drummers who combine technical staff like progressive and metal with gospel chops and black music. I don’t know exactly one, they are many and great too.”


What do you like most about being a drummer?

“Talking my language with people, ‘cause everyone feels the drums inside”


What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show?

“I lost a stick and I never found another one ‘cause my bag was fell down of the stage ahahah”


What do you practice and for how long?

“Today I practice when I teach, I love to practice everything I create in the same moment with my students, sometimes adding odd meters or crazy ostinatos :)”


What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry?

“Write music alone or with your band, this is the only way you have to really improve yourself as a musician, not only a drummer”


If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be?


“Rammstein, it got to be fun”