Rustam Galimov


Rustam Galimov

Bandname Nobody.One
Country Russia
Genre Rock
Product Configuration

Pearl Masters BCX (Lava Bubinga color)

  • 2х 22'' bass drums
  • 1x 8" mount tom
  • 1x 10" mount tom
  • 1x 12" mount tom
  • 1x 13" mount tom
  • 1x 14" floor tom
  • 1x 16" floor tom
  • 1x 18" floor tom
  • Icon Rack DR-503 with addtions 
  • Rocket toms
  • Pearl Hardware and Eliminator pedals

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Rustam started playing drums when he was 15. From 2007 to 2012 he has been playing in a band called "Feya Drazhe" (Sugar Plum Fairy), which was as well founded by him. Rustam took part in recording and producing of the following albums: "Dazhe ne dumay, ne povtoray, prosto deistvyi (Don't think, don't repeat, just do)" (2009) and "Dance De La Fee Dragee" (2011). With this band he had his first significant tour.  

In 2011th Rustam graduated from jazz show faculty of Culture and Arts Academy, specializing in drums. 
From 2012 to 2014 he played in "IdeЯ Fix" ("Idea Fix") band. As a part of the band Rustam played during 2 tours and recorded an album called "Voyna" ("War"). 

In 2013 he was invited to join "" project and still remains a part of it. The band has 4 albums: "Head Movies" (2010), "Does" (2012), "The wall eater" (2013), "Ocean echo" (2014).
Twice a year (in spring and autumn) the band tours around Russia and neighbour countries (Belarus and Ukraine), playing about 100 shows a year.  

Rustam played at the largest Russian festivals like "Nashestvie", "Krilya", "Stars Factory", "Back to Zero", "Energya Povolzhya", "Noch Zhivih Muzikantov" many times. He also ofted does clinics and plays at various events, as well as teaches playing drums at "Music Lab" studio.