Sakke Koivula

Peer Günt

Sakke Koivula

Bandname Peer Günt
Country Finland
Genre Rock

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Session Studio Classic

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Sakke Koivula, born 1972
Sakke is a drummer for Finnish rock icon Peer Günt and he's been in the group since 2006.

Peer Günt is one of the most famous Finnish blues-rock/hard rock bands.
Formed in 1976, in Kouvola.
Sakke has played hundreds of gigs with the group, and recorded two albums with them.
He has played with lots of other bands and projects in studio and live.

Peer Günt has played as an opening act for many big names in rock scene, like The Scorpions, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper.

Peer Günt keeps touring and new recording material will be out during year 2018.
Southern rock, like The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and such, is his biggest influence in rock music and his playing style is based on that style. 


Sakkes favourite drummers are, to name a few,  Matt Abts, Ian Paice, John Bonham and as a singing drummer himself, one of his all time favourites is late Levon Helm of The Band.