Vegar "VYL" Larsen

Gorgoroth, independent

Vegar "VYL" Larsen

Bandname Gorgoroth, independent
Country Norway
Genre Metal
Product Configuration
  • a 22" x 18" Bass Drum (MMP2218BX/B)
  • b 8" x 8" Tom (MMP0808T/B)
  • c 10" x 9" Tom (MMP1009T/B)
  • d 12" x 10" Tom (MMP1210T/B)
  • e 13" x 11" Floor Tom (MMP1311F/B)
  • f 14" x 14" Floor Tom (MMP1414F/B)
  • g 16" x 16" Floor Tom (MMP1616F/B)
  • h 13" x 6" Snare Drum



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Born in 1978 in Trondheim, Norway under the name of Vegar Y. Larsen.
Started to play drums at the age of 12 and playing in bands since his 13th.
First playing all kinds of genres and music styles, though eventually set his mind to the heavier music genres.
Is playing in Keep of Kalessin since 1995 and will from now on also do the live shows for Gorgoroth.

He has done several drum clinics and lectured jazz students at NTNU Jazzlinja in Trondheim.
VYL has an impressive comprehension of style, enormous technique and a genuine and serious attitude towards his profession.
He is, in his way, contributing to developing music, by setting standards for what is possible to obtain on the instrument. In his area of work VYL is a contemporary musician of high international class. VYL was by the NTNU institute for music, engaged as a lecturer in 2006/2007.

With Keep of Kalessin he has constantly worked hard building the band's name brick by brick. From the flame was lit back in the mid nineties, it has taken them ten years of dedication and hard work to get them where they are today.

Especially after the release of their albums: Armada (2006) and Kolossus (2008), immense epic masterpieces with its very own unique atmosphere, they finally received the deserved recognition. Press-wise, both albums received standing ovations from a unison press chore. Keep of Kalessin immediately set their ship towards the European shores and did several European and USA tours with Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy, Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Legion Of The Damned, Dying Fetus, Exodus, and many other giants in the heavy metal genre.
Of course extensive touring will follow again after the release of their new album this year.

This new album is entitled "REPTILIAN", to be released in May 2010 (Indie/Nuclear Blast) and is anticipated to have a huge impact on the whole metal scene. The base of the music has still clear references to Black Metal, but the band also includes other influences like Death Metal, Thrash Metal and non-metal components, making their style fresh and truly unique. KEEP OF KALESSIN is definitely one of THE bands to keep your eyes on.
Not only have they played all the major European stages and festivals, they also performed live in Oslo Spektrum at Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy)… having 1.3 million TV viewers…

Keep of Kalessin has been nominated twice for the Norwegian Grammy’s:
Spellemannprisen 2008 Kolossus nominated for best metal album of the year
Spellemannprisen 2006 Armada nominated for best metal album of the year

This year the band broke new ground by entering the national competition to become Norway's entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, the first Norwegian heavy metal band to be in this competition… And they went on by winning the semi-finals in front of 2 million TV viewers and proceeding to the national finals !!!

The finals will be held in Oslo Spektrum on Feb 6th, where they will perform in front of 7000 and the TV-production will be the biggest one in Norway !!

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