Vegar "VYL" Larsen

Gorgoroth, independent

Vegar "VYL" Larsen

Bandname Gorgoroth, independent
Country Norway
Genre Metal

Pearl Products

Masters Custom Maple
Product Configuration

Pearl Masters Custom, all maple, Black Sparkle Fade w/black hardware.

  • 2 x 22x18 bassdrums
  • 8x8, 10x9, 12x10, 13x11 toms
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 14x6.5 snare
  • DR503C with the C-1000 series hardware 

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V. Einride was born in 1978 in Trondheim, Norway. He started to play drums and guitar at the age of 12 and playing in bands since his 13th. He is self taught, and practiced mainly by playing along to records and imitating his favorite drummers. First playing all kinds of genres and music styles, though eventually set his mind to the heavier and darker music genres. 

V. Einride is the drummer and songwriter for Whoredom Rife. He writes and records all the instruments for Whoredom Rife in his studio Purgatory, based in the outskirts of Trondheim, Norway. He has toured excessively with Keep of Kalessin since 1995, Gorgoroth since 2009 and has been a professional musician for many years. V. Einride has an impressive comprehension of style, enormous technique and versatility and a genuine and serious attitude towards his profession. 

He has done a lot of drum session work for other artists, both live and in studio. With Whoredom rife he has constantly worked hard, building the band's name brick by brick. Since going public in 2016, they have released one EP and two full length albums. They were even nominated for a norwegian grammy for their first album "Dommedagskvad".