Awakenings Series Tongue Drums

18-01-2017 - Pearl Introduces Awakenings Series Tongue Drums

19 January 2017 19:00 (CET)
Tongue drums derive their name from the tongue shaped areas where you strike the drum. The results are a cosmic blend of tones that are as much fun to hear as play. Pearl proudly introduces 6 new Tongue Drums, three 8 note and three 9 note drums tuned to pentatonic scales. Each drum features a 10” hardned steel shell with precise laser cut tongues for acurate and consistent tuning.

Pearl Tongue drums can be played with your fingers or with a set of mallets included with each drum. The drums rest on three rubber isolation feet that allow the instrument to ring freely. Each drum in the series features a different lacquer finish that solid on the sides and feathers out towards the center to reveal the polished steel shell.

The pure, soothing sounds of the Awakenings Series are sure to have you in tune with your surroundings.
A portion of the sale of each Awakenings Tongue Drum will be shared with The Rhythmic Arts Project. TRAP’S primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

Model                Description                        
PMTD8GM687      8 Note Tongue Drum G Major, #687 Blue Burst
PMTD8AKB688     8 Note Tongue Drum A Ake Bono, #688 Brown Burst
PMTD8AM689      8 Note Tongue Drum A Minor, #698 Green Burst
PMTD9YLD690     9 Note Tongue Drum Lydian, #690 Orange Burst
PMTD9CPT691     9 Note Tongue Drum C Penta, #691 Crimson Burst
PMTD9AKB692     9 Note Tongue Drum Ake Bono, #692 Purple Burst

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