Easy tuning with Tune-Bot Gig

15-11-2015 - Overtone Labs introduces the new Tune-Bot Gig, the fastest, easiest and best way to tune your drums.

In 2012 Overtone Labs revolutionized drum tuning with the introduction of the Tune-Bot, the industry’s first digital tuner for acoustic drums. Now Overtone Labs introduces the new Tune-Bot Gig, the fastest, easiest and best way to tune your drums.

“With the new Gig we wanted to simply things so we started by reducing the number of buttons. Now one button allows you to toggle through the modes while matching lug pitch or tuning to a note”, said Dave Ribner, Overtones Labs President and design engineer. The Gig features a large LCD display and is optimized for ease of use in the studio, on stage or in your practice room at home. The redesigned clip easily attaches to any standard drum hoop and the new silver body is easier to spot in your gig bag.

Every guitar player has an electronic tuner for speed and accuracy in tuning. Tuning a drum is much more time consuming and difficult than a guitar. Yet, until now there was no such thing as a real "drum tuner".

Tune-Bot Gig is useful for:
•    Lug pitch matching
•    Measuring and adjusting overall tone
•    Interval tuning of Toms
•    Returning to your drums' optimal sound every time

 Tune-Bot Gig Features
•    A streamlined design
•    Lug pitch measurement
•    Overall pitch measurement
•    Frequency and note modes
•    Overtone filters
•    Difference mode
•    Easy to read display with backlight
•    Drum hoop clip
•    Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations

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