Pearl Masters Maple Reserve. Limited Edition

21-05-2019 - The Ultimate kit for a PRO drummer is now available in Solid Matte Black

For a limited time this classic 100% Maple shell pack is available in a Solid Matte Black finish. This 4-piece kit consists of a 22x18 Bass drum, a 10x07 Tom, a 12x08 Tom and a 16x14 Floor Tom. Phenomenal resonance,  rich warm sound, lively punch, excellent shell and edge work. A Classic Formula For Sonic Greatness

"Pearl Masterts Maple Reserve is a Genuinely Effective Blend of the Vintage and the Cutting edge" - Music Radar


Suggested Selling Price: 2599,- EURO

SHELLS4 ply 5mm 100% Maple Shells with 4 ply Maple Reinforcement Rings
HEADSClear Ambassador Tom, Ported Powerstroke3 Remo Heads
TOM MOUNTSAluminum OptiMount Suspension System
HOOPSLow Mass FatTone Hoops

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