Decade Maple pushes the boundaries of performance, sound, and value.

21-01-2016 - In celebration of 70 years of drum making excellence, Pearl introduces Decade Maple drums: the first all Maple drum set for under € 900,--

The final product of ten years of process and material refinement, Decade’s cross-laminated 6-ply all Maple shell incorporates Pearl’s proprietary Superior Shell Technology.  The resulting 5mm shell projects with authority, reacting quickly to the stroke with beautifully resonant highs and thundering lows.

“We want this to be the first Professional drum kit the advancing player invests in,” states Raymond Massey, Pearl’s Director of Research and Development.  “We took our time in the crafting and testing phase to make sure all the necessary features were present.  Getting behind this kit, it’s immediately evident that Decade is just as much a primary kit for evolving players as it is a secondary “gigging” kit for the seasoned pro.”  

The Decade Difference means 4 cultured lacquer finishes, low-mass/low-contact shell hardware, optimum shell performance, and rock-solid durability.  The kit you’ve prepared yourself for is here, and with three shell packs starting at a staggering street price of € 899, it’s finally within reach.


DMP905P/C 20”x16" bass, 10"x7", 12x8" Toms, 14"x14" Floor€ 1069
DMP925SP/C22”x18" bass, 10"x7", 12x8" Toms, 16"x16" Floor€ 1069
DMP925FP/C22”x18" bass, 10"x7", 12x8" Toms, 14"x14" Floor€ 1069

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