New Tech Tray for 2017

18-01-2017 - Pearl releases New Tech Tray for 2017

19 January 2017 - 19:00 (CET)

Pearl is proud to announce the new Pearl Tech Tray, a compact version of our existing Trap Tables that is geared towards the drum set player. The Pearl Tech Tray features a compact size of 11 x 8 ½ inches, making it small enough to fit into a drum set configuration, but retaining enough size to allow for the placement of a tablet or accessories such as a phone, auxiliary percussion, or tools. The Tech Tray features a felt lined surface, a grooved edge for placement of an extra stick, and two hinges which allow for the included clamp to be moved for vertical or horizontal placement. The Pearl Tech Tray can be mounted to cymbal stands and hi hat stands or off of a bass drum by the use of any 3/8th inch arm adapter.

“Due to the extensive variety of musical styles and sounds I have to emulate on The Voice, I need a large arsenal of equipment to make the music feel authentic. For a drum set player, it is often hard to find an accessible yet discrete place to hold items like hand held percussion, tablets, and drum keys. With the Pearl Trap Tray, I can store my hand-held percussion items and my tools in an easily accessible area without taking up excess space. This makes my job that much easier.” – Nate Morton

Due to the drummers increased need to have access to auxiliary percussion or a space to hold a tablet for running tracks and set lists, the Pearl Tech Tray is a must have for the working drummer. Complete your set up now with the Pearl Tech Tray.

Model            Configuration        
PTT8511        8.5” x 11”   

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