Pearl Announces Three New Elite Series Conga and Bongo Finish

23-01-2019 - New for 2019 Pearl is introducing three new lacquer finishes available on Oak Elite Series drums

Pearl’s Elite Series of congas and bongos offers the highest quality heads with polished Contour Crown rims and a choice of shell materials that include 100% Thai Oak, seamless Fiberglass or a blend of Oak/Fiber.

New for 2019 Pearl is introducing three new lacquer finishes available on Oak Elite Series drums, #504 Mocha Burst, #506 Merlot Burst, and #510 Carmel Brown. #504 Mocha Burst features a high contract grain pattern over a rich mocha base finish bracketed by a deep brown burst. #506 Merlot Burst features a deep wine-red grain through finish complimented with a gloss black burst. #510 Carmel Brown focuses on the rich brown texture and grain of premium Thai Oak with a matte finish that appears to magnify the richness of the wood. All Elite series conga finishes are available with matching bongos.

Finish #Description
#504Mocha Burst
#506Merlot Burst
#510Carmel Brown





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