Pearl Introduces Aluminum Symphonic Series Snare Drums

25-01-2018 - For the first time ever, Pearl announces the release of the New Aluminum Shell Symphonic Series snare drums.

For the first time ever, Pearl announces the release of the New Aluminum Shell Symphonic

Series snare drums. The Symphonic Series Ply-Maple SYP model concert drums have

been some of the most requested products made by Pearl for over two decades. The

world famous PHA Philharmonic Aluminum shell has been recognized as one of the most

important snare drums of the last 20 years, and is now a standard voice in modern concert

percussion. Now for the first time, you can get the flexibility and combinations of color and

timbre from the famous SR300 Triple Strainer combined with the power and cutting tone of

an Aluminum shell. The proven higher pitch and cut of aluminum is the perfect complement

to the 100% maple of the SYP Symphonic models. Available in two sizes: 14”x5.5”, and

14”x6.5” to accomplish everything from the lightest roll to a thunderous crack in solo and

ensemble work.


The controlled, open, and warm tone of the Symphonic Series now with the pitch and cutting

projection of an Aluminum shell, hear what makes Pearl the #1 name in Concert Drums.


• Beaded Aluminum Shell

• 14” x5.5 & 14”x6.5” sizes

• SR-300 Multi-Timbre 3-lever, adjustable tension Strainer

• Coated Cable, Wound Cable, and Curly Wire Snare Assemblies

• Natural brushed Aluminum Finish

• Tube lugs w/ Stainless Steel T-rods

• Die Cast Rims

• Remo Renaissance Diplomat batter head

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