Pearl releases Cajon Riser for 2017

19-01-2017 - Once again, Pearl is happy to bring forth yet another innovation, the Pearl Cajon Lift.

Put your cajon in the cajon lift

Ideal for tall people

19 January 2017 - 19:00 (CET)

As a world leader in drums and percussion, Pearl has been responsible for many innovations in the drumming world. Once again, Pearl is happy to bring forth yet another innovation, the Pearl Cajon Lift. The Cajon Riser is an easy solution to more comfort while playing the cajon as well as providing optimal ergonomics. The Cajon Riser is a collapsible base which allows traditional box cajons to be lifted 1.5” or 3.5” off the ground to give the player more comfort. In addition, the Cajon Riser allows for the player to angle the front of the cajon to improve ergonomics by creating a friendlier and more natural striking position at the top on the cajon. The Cajon Riser collapses into four separate pieces which can be easily stored and transported in the included carrying bag.

“The Pearl Cajon Lift is a great innovation and solves the problem of discomfort which is faced by many cajon players. Many players who are taller, like myself, fight the struggle of hunching over to play the cajon. Now with the aid of the Cajon Riser, I can play longer and with more ease.” – Jesus Diaz
The Pearl Cajon Riser offers ease of playing and optimal comfort to the player while being portable and effective. One size doesn’t fit all when It comes to musical instruments, so get your own Pearl Cajon Riser and improve your cajon playing experience.

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