Pearl’s 150 Series Flat-Based Hardware increases function at a fraction of the weight.

21-01-2016 - Boasting a sturdy profile at over half the weight of most professional drum and cymbal stands, Pearl’s new 150 Series Flat-Based Hardware is an excellent choice for the gigging drummer on the move.

Taking on the flush-based platform of classic drum hardware, 150 Series Cymbal (C150S,) Cymbal Boom (BC150S,) and Snare (S150S,) stands are built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play at less than five pounds each.  Each stand also changes quickly from flat-based to traditional single-braced legs by simply flipping the convertible tripod base.

“We have a lot of active gigging drummers here in-house at Pearl,” states Pearl’s National Director of Sales, Glen Caruba (himself an active studio and live drummer/percussionist.)  “Our goal was to make a series of simple, lightweight stands that would break down and transport easily, but not scrimp on modern adjustability.”

Furthermore, the new 150 Series Hi-Hat (H150S,) is the first flat-based stand made to accommodate double pedals.  Its independent tripod is positioned separate from the pedal frame, transitioning easily thanks to swiveling legs.  Its newly-redesigned Redline traction plate footboard also makes it the highest functioning lightweight stand ever, at a mere seven pounds.

Pearl mainstays like Uni-Lock gearless cymbal and basket tilters make finding the correct angle a breeze.

All this, plus accessible pricing make 150 Series Stands essential for the gigging player. 

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