Pearl’s Wood/Fiberglass reissue gets additional production and sizes in 2016.

21-01-2016 - Having originally released Wood/Fiberglass drums as a limited production reissue a year ago, Pearl is proud to announce a second manufacturing run by popular demand. Originally introduced in 1973, Pearl’s reissued Wood/Fiberglass feature a 7-ply Poplar/Kapur shell with an inner layer of hand-applied Fiberglass. Special bearing edge variations to the toms and bass drum on each kit are applied to further sculpt the tone of these unique drums.

Wood Fiberglass now in 26" Bass Drum shell pack

“Wood/Fiberglass was one of our first innovations as a company,” says Ron Read, Pearl Corporation’s VP of Operations.  “Though quite difficult to make, the response we have gotten to these drums from the vintage drum community and our dealers has been inspiring.  In our 70th year, it feels right to keep it going!”

In addition to continuing with the three existing shell configurations, Pearl is releasing a special 3-pc. kit with a 26”x14” bass drum at a special price.  All kits will be available in the three existing lacquer finishes from the company’s Reference pallette; #151 Platinum Mist, #400 White Marine Pearl, and #327 Satin Cocoa Burst.


ModelDescriptionColour Choice
FW924XSP   22x16 BD/10x7T/12x8T/16x14F #151 / #327
FW943XP 24x14 BD/13x9T/16x16F   #400
FW963XP26x14 BD/13x9T/1616F    #151 / #327 / #400 Special Order only


Model                        Description                                                 Colour Choice

FW924XSP                22x16 BD/10x7T/12x8T/16x14F                 #151 / #327

FW943XP                  24x14 BD/13x9T/16x16F                           #400

FW963XP                  26x14 BD/13x9T/1616F                             #151 / #327 / #400 Special Order only

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