The Return of a Classic: Session Studio Classic

21-01-2016 - For 2016, Pearl Europe is proud to introduce the Session Studio Classic, the return of the Session Series and the classic Session “sound.”

HEADLINE:  The Return of a Classic: Session Studio Classic


Belfeld, NLD  – For 2016, Pearl Europe is proud to introduce the Session Studio Classic, the return of the Session Series and the classic Session “sound.”  The Session Studio Classic follows the original Session “recipe” with blended Birch and Kapur shells, recreating the classic Session “sound” of strong attack and projection with outstanding lows and punch that you can feel.

The reinvented Session Studio Classic is equipped with high-end features you come to expect from Pearl.  The Session Studio Classics are finished in the same gorgeous high-gloss “31 step” lacquer finishes that are featured on Masters, Reference and Masterworks. Choose from three dazzling finishes including #103 Piano Black, #110 Sequoia Red, and #106 Antique Ivory.  Masters OptiMounts are featured on SSC toms for maximum resonance and 100% slip-proof dependability. Floor toms are equipped with Masters LB-40 and LG-40 legs and Masters SP-30 spurs are standard on SSC bass drums.  RL-10/20 lugs, the same lugs used on the Session Series circa 1995 to 2003, are featured on SSC toms and bass drums respectively. Remo heads are featured on all Session Studio Classic drums for outstanding tone and durability.  The available Session Studio Classic snare drums feature SuperHoop II hoops with near-die cast rigidity for outstanding rimshots and cross-stick effects while still providing excellent “openness” and resonance. SuperHoop II hoops are also standard on SSC toms.

Three shell packs and individual components are available in shorter depths. Session Studio Classic 22” and 20” bass drums are 16” deep while the 24” is 15” deep to achieve a “shorter” note and quicker response. The rack toms are featured in classic 10”x7”, 12”x8”, and 13”x9” sizes for faster response and improved sensitivity. Floor toms are 14”x14” and 16”x14”.

In 1993, Dennis Chambers said, “I think Prestige Session is the best kept secret in the entire Pearl line. Sound, quality, looks, great hardware and finish. This kit’s got it all.” The same can be said for the new Session Studio Classic and then some.  Session Studio Classic…the Classic has returned.

Shell Packs                                                                               RRP
SSC904UP/C: 20x16, 10x7, 12x8, 14x14                                 € 1308
SSC924XUP/C: 22x16, 10x7, 12x8, 16x14                               € 1308
SSC944XSDP/C: 22x16, 12x8, 16x14, 14x5.5SD                      € 1308

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