Masters Maple Gum


Delivering arguably the greatest drum tones ever recorded, the historically proven sound of the Maple/Gum shell combination is renowned worldwide for its explosive midrange warmth and extended low end power.

Starting in 2019, Pearl makes this coveted sound available with Masters Maple/Gum Series, the first limited production Masterworks drum kit we have ever made. Available in two preselected shell packs for the sound conscious professional player with limited offering of hand-lacquered and wrapped finishes. Each kit features a vault-cured EvenPly-Six layered premium North American Maple and Gum wood shell with 60-degree edges, Mastercast Die-Cast hoops, and Pearl’s CL bridge lugs.

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"We’ve spent the last year sound-testing these drums to assure that the right combination of shell woods, hoops, and lugs was in the mix for an elite playing experience; and we couldn’t be prouder of the results!"

Pearl R&D Director Raymond Massey


EvenPly-6, 4-ply Maple outer with 2-ply Gumwood inside – Enhancing Maple’s naturally resonant warmth, the Gum interior of this thin, powerful shell increases volume and adds control for pristine, articulate tone.

Bearing Edge

Outer 60° – Featuring a shallow back cut to increase punch, this tried-and-true edge transfers natural control from the head to the shell.


MasterCast Hoops – To increase total drum weight on this thin-shelled recipe, MasterCast Hoops increase volume and attack.

CL Bridge Lugs

CL Bridge Lugs - Pearl began the low-contact lug phenomenon with this original Bridge-type design, for reduced surface-to-shell contact 16"x16" and boosted sustain. CL100 / 250

SHELLEvenPly Six (6-ply, 5.4mm) North American Maple/Gum
FINISH#186 Hand Rubbed Natural Maple, #421 Black Diamond Pearl, #422 Matte White Marine, #453 Platinum Gold Oyster
HEADSRemo Coated Ambassador, Powerstroke3 Bass
TOM MOUNTSOptiMount Aluminum Suspension System
HOOPSMastercast Die-Cast
LUGSCL Bridge Lugs 
SNAREMatching 14x5.5 or 14x6.5 Snare Drums
BD MUFFLERBass Drum Muffler (Mini)

Colour Selector

Available finishes

#186 Hand Rubbed Natural Maple

#422 Matte White Marine

#453 Platinum Gold Oyster

#421 Black Diamond Pearl




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