FAQ Epro

REDBOX General


The USB port is not powered.



Yes. This chart indicates all available tom and cymbal sizes.


TTP-BBass Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTB-1010” Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTP-1212” Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTP-1313” Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTP-1414” Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTP-1610” Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
TTP-14Snare Tru Trac Electronic DrumHead
EPC 14T14” E-Classic Plastic Ride Cymbal – Triple Zone
EPC 12D12” E-Classic Plastic Crash Cymbal – Dual Zone
EPC 12S12” E-Classic Plastic Top HH Cymbal – Single Zone



Yes. The EPAD-25S contains a 10/12/16/14 snare/bass pad configuration. The EPAD-25 contains a 12/13/16/14 snare/bass pad configuration. Both come with the needed accessories to convert your acoustic drums to electronic.


REDBOX Internal


128 Megabytes of RAM



1,000 High Definition Sounds, 100 High-Def kits, and 100 User Programmable Kits.

Install our new V2 firmware and get 150 High-Def kits. See http://www.redboxsoundshop.com/redbox-v2-firmware.html



The "flashable" kits will utilize up to 127MB of the REDBOX's RAM.



General Midi isn't recognized on Transmit/Export. Partially on Recognize/Import. GM Drum Sounds compatitable.



Yes, some of the sounds are Pearl drums and check www.redboxsoundshop.com for updates.



This is because the rim trigger is an ON/OFF switch and it doesn't have any dynamics.



Yes, there are many effects, including reverb, flanger, chorus, vibrato, delay, EQ, and compression that can be applied. One effect per "Kit" can be used.



The Cross Talk control in the Trigger Menu section allows you to set the value to eliminate cross talk. The higher the value, the less likely one pad will trigger another.



Increase the value of the Threshold control until the false triggering is eliminated.



You may have the sensitivity set too high. Try lowering the sensitivity and the threshold and see if the dynamic range improves.



The switch trigger in the rim is very sensitive and can be triggered accidently by hits just glancing the rim. Please adjust your technique or lower your drum to minimize hitting the rim accidentally.



Try the Retrigger Control. Lowering the setting allows the REDBOX to capture minute and closer-spaced playing such as buzz rolls.



No. The switch triggers we us in our rims cannot be programmed to be rimshot and cross stick at the same time. It can, however, be one or the other.



The REDBOX uses a "Round Robin" protocol that automatically changes the samples being played to eliminate the "machine gun" effect



Use SysEx Libraian for Mac and MidiOX for PC. See the Support tab at www.redboxsoundshop.com for detailed instructions.


REDBOX Downloads


Press ACCOMP and REC while you turn on the r.e.d.BOX module. The screen will read "Load the .syx file into the Switcher program to install" and you will drag your saved .syx file into the Switcher program. See the Tutorial tab at www.redboxsoundshop.com for detailed instructions.



At broadband speed about 10 minutes to complete the download.



Through the USB connection about 20 minutes t complete the download.



Memory Switch kits and play-a-long mp3 tracks covering many genres can be found at www.redboxsoundshop.com



Yes, the REDBOX has MIDI and USB outputs specifically for this purpose.



You can browse and preview all Memory Switch kits and play-a-long mp3 tracks at the site. Sign up for the Newsletter to be notified when FREE kits or mp3 tracks are available.


REDBOX External


4 total. 2 (L&R), 2 Aux, plus MIDI in/out and USB in/out (also doubles as a MIDI interface)



Use the data wheel and/or the "+" and "-" buttons.



If you ever need to re-initialize the module to its original default factory settings, press and hold the EXIT and SAVE buttons simultaneously while turning it on.



Press SYS (F4) from the Utilities menu. Press INIT (F2) to access the re-initialization page. Use the DEC-/INC+ buttons to move through and choose one of the menu items:

1. All Kits: All of the module's kit settings will return to their factory defaults.
2. All Sequences: All of the module’s sequence settings will return to their factory defaults.
3. All Trigger Settings: All of the module’s trigger settings will return to their factory defaults.

Press EXEC (F4) and a window will appear asking you to confirm your choice. To confirm and reinitialize the selected settings, press YES (F1). To cancel, press CANCEL (F2 or F3).




The e-Pro Live comes with a generous supply of hook and loop straps with easy-to-use D-rings that can be used to keep the routing of cables tight and clean.



All the cables are 1/4 inch TRS with a straight plug on one end and a right-angle plug at the other.




The ride and crash cymbals in both the E-Classic and EPC2 plastic cymbals have a choke feature. Pre-choke is not available at this time.



No, there's only one foot hi-hat controller input.



Assuming you are using all the inputs of a stock e-Pro Live kit, you can add two more cymbals.



Press TRIG EDIT and use the VALUE/TEMPO wheel to select HiHat from the input menu at the top. Press CAL (F4) and follow the on-screen instructions.




You can order the Tru-Trac Heads individually. See question 10 above with specifications.



Yes you can, please kindly check FAQ 10 for model numbers.



The 830-hardware is included with the Epro Live kit powered by Export.