Alberto Atalah

The Outside

Alberto Atalah

Bandname The Outside
Country Germany
Genre Metal

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Alberto Atalah, a Chilean drummer, began playing drums when he was 14. After five years of private lessons on drum kit and snare drum, he began studying classical percussion at the PUC in Chile, where he learned to play xylophone, marimba, percussion sets and classical snare drum, as well as other instruments.

While studying, he stood out for his snare drum skills in particular.

Alberto has also taken private lessons from a number of drum teachers over the years.

Alberto’s strengths are rock music, double bass drumming, rudiments, polyrhythms and odd meters.

From 2008 to 2016, Alberto's main musical project was The Outside, a Chilean/German metal band based in Berlin. After two albums and countless shows in Europe and South America the band decided to stop performing, giving all the band members the chance to continue with other musical paths.

In recent years Alberto recorded and toured with a variety of rock, metal, pop, progressive and latin bands all over Europe (Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, and others), in Russia and at very well-known festivals like Summer Breeze, M'era Luna, Metalfest, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, and others, performing in front of thousands of people.

In 2014, Alberto was invited to participate as a member of the jury in the national part of the German contest "Jugend Musiziert", the most important musical contest for young musicians in Germany.

He's been living in Berlin since 2005. At the moment he's teaching full time at thePlanetDrum Berlin, an international drum school with over 170 students in Berlin, and touring a lot with different bands as an independent drummer.