Anders Meinhardt

Medina, F.U.K.T., Suspekt, session

Anders Meinhardt

Bandname Medina, F.U.K.T., Suspekt, session
Country Denmark
Genre Drum & Bass
Product Configuration
  • a 14x6.5 Snare Drum. (MCX1465/C)
  • b 14x3.5 Snare Drum. (FM1435/C)
  • c 10x6 Snare Drum. (M1060/C)
  • d 22x18 Bass Drum. (MCX2218BB/C)
  • e 16x16 Bass Drum. (MCX1616F/C Floor Tom with a JG-16 as BD)



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Anders Meinhardt was born 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He started playing the Drums at the age of 4. Although he has been playing as a professional with many different artists since 2005 (mainly Hiphop/RnB and House music), his main focus and biggest passion is in the harder styles of Urban electronica such as Drum & Bass and Dubstep. Anders' way of applying these electronical genres into the acoustic drum set has been compared with drummers like Jojo Mayer and Johnny Rabb, but is different because of his uncompromised, hardcore and pure style. Anders is not inspired by Drum & Bass - he is playing Drum & Bass! His signature hi hat techniques has inspired many drummers as well as ravers all over the world.Recordings with F.U.K.T: Play With Fire - 2006Outbreakz vol III - 2005 Outbreakz vol II - 2005 Outbreakz vol I - 2004