Andreas "Habo" Johansson

Royal Hunt / Narnia / E-type

Andreas "Habo" Johansson

Bandname Royal Hunt / Narnia / E-type
Country Sweden
Genre Session

Pearl Products

Reference Pure
Product Configuration
  • a 22x18 Bass Drum. (RF2218BX/C)
  • b 12x9 Tom. (RF1209T/C)
  • c 14x14 Floor Tom. (RF1414F/C)
  • d 16x16 Floor Tom. (RF1616F/C)
  • e 14x5 Snare Drum. (Chad Smith Signature CS1450)

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Andreas Johansson was born 1973 in Habo, Sweden. Started playing drums at the age of six and moved to Stockholm in -94 to study drums and percussion at Royal College of Music. He started his professional career in Anders Widmark jazz trio – 95 and later in big band Stora Stygga. Since then he´s been working as a session drummer in various styles with artists such as Royal Hunt, E-type, Magnus Uggla, Rob Rock (US), Arash, Babben, Jump4joy, Divine FireSince -98 he has been a permanent member of the metal band Narnia. Recordings with Narnia:• Long Live The King -1999• Desert Land -2001 • The Great Fall -2003• At Short Notice - Live In Germany CD/DVD 2004• Enter The Gate - 2006• Decade of Confession - 2007• Course of a Generation - 2009 Other recording credits: Aki Sirkesalo (Fin), Rob Rock (US), Magnus Carlsson, Dennis (NL), Claes Jansson. Andreas is also playing percussion on various TV shows such as Let's Dance, Sweden.