Ben Overmann

The Legion Ghost

Ben Overmann

Bandname The Legion Ghost
Country Germany
Genre Metal

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Ben Overmann is a professional, ambitious and creative drummer based near Cologne,

Germany. After ten years of classical drumming education and the study course "Ton-

Assistent", he completed the full-time studies at the renowned Drummers Institute in

Düsseldorf with graduation diploma and since then has worked with many different bands and


He is mainly known for being the drummer for the modern-metal band KORODED (1997-2015)

and the now defunct gothic-rock-wave-pop outfit PSYCHO LUNA (2003-2012). Ben plays drums

for a metal band he co-founded called THE LEGION:GHOST (2015-current) with former

Koroded members Andreas Leifeld and Kevin Kearns, he also plays in another longtime sideband

called INDIVIDUALVERFORMER (1994-current) an experimental rock-band with no

musical-limitations. Outside of the bands and projects that Ben plays for, he offers his services

and knowledge as a professional live or studio session drummer and teaches drums in one-toone

sessions at his own recording studio and at two local musicschools.

Since 1995 Ben has done studio sessions in several studios such as HeavyOnWire Studio

(Düren), Audioversum (Düsseldorf), HMusik (Köln), Smart'n'Hard Productions (Arhus,

Denmark), Sonic-Sound-Studios (Viersen), Brainworx (Langenfeld), Terra Records

(Aldenhoven), Gnadenlos Productions (Kerpen), Landesmusikakademie NRW (Heek) amongst

many more and for producers such as Marc Görtz (Caliban, Kreator), Jürgen Wirtz (Höhner,

Chrom), Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Machinemade God, Liar, Barcode), Dirk Ulrich (Pro Pain,

Pink Cream 69, Giftig), Achim Kaiser (Cyrcus, Redrum Inc., Bleed Into One), Heiwi Esser

(Substyle), Michel Kern (Us And Them) and many more. Within the last 20 years, he has

performed on many studio albums/EPs/singles for several Rock-, Pop-, Metal-, HipHop-Bands /


THE LEGION:GHOST, the new metal band Ben co-founded, consists of Ben Overmann on Drums,

Kevin Kearns (Koroded, ex-Visions Of Aurora) on Vocals, Andreas Leifeld (Koroded, ex-ByFear)

and Uli Werner (ex-Devilstick) both on Guitars and Markus Rémy (ex-Resents) on Bass Guitar.

Ben recorded the drums, engineered and produced the record together with bandmate Uli

Werner. The album was recorded at Ben's own HeavyOnWire Studios and was mixed by Caliban

guitarist Marc Görtz.

Currently Ben Overmann is busy with rehearsing, teaching, playing live shows and recording

albums. Touring stops over the years include his home country of Germany, to the United

Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain,

Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, on bills as a support act to bigger bands but also as

headliners, right up to European festivals.