Christophe Rossini

Trio Cover, independent

Christophe Rossini

Bandname Trio Cover, independent
Country France
Genre Rock

Pearl Products

Masterworks - custom drums
Export EXX
E-pro Live powered by Export

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Christophe Rossini starts playing drums at 12! In 1997, he joins the band EV and becomes pro. Besides, he performs with many bands in studio and starts to teach. Playing with bands like Merzhin, Les Caméléons or Pat O'May allow him to travel the world (Finland, Hungria, Belgium, Germany, India, ....) and many festivals (Terre Neuve, Les Papillons de Nuit, Les Eurockéennes, Les Francopholies....). In 1998, he becomes a Pearl Drums endorser and demonstrator. Since 2014, he performs with the band

He loves the look, sound and versatility of every Pearl drums he played on. He teaches on Export and e-Pro Live and for small gigs he uses an Export.