David Stauffacher

David Stauffacher

Country Switzerland
Genre Percussion

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I began to play drums at the age of 9. Several years later I started focussing more on Percussion and after I finished school I decided to travel to get more information about my new passion. Especially Cuba was an amazing experience full of music, Afro Cuban Percussion and adventure. I stayed for almost a year. Then I moved to Brasil to learn more about Brazilian Percussion and went to Senegal to study african rhythms. Some of my teachers are: Roberto Vizcaino, Julio Barreto, Miguel „Anga“ Diaz, Marcos Suzano, Ramiro Musotto and more (http://www.davidstauffacher.ch/#!teachers/c249k). Working already as a professional musician I finished my Diploma at the Zürich Jazz School in 2005. I had the pleasure to work with some interesting artists and bands, like:-- Lariba -- Lovebugs -- Namusoke a.k.a. Msoke -- Allina Amuri -- Uglybraine (USA) -- Retrovisor (Collombiia) -- The Voice of Swiitzerrland Band -- Superrsttarr -- Mangu (Dom. Rep) -- Marrc Sway -- Nubya -- Mercadonegro -- Müsllüm -- Swiiss Jazz Orrchestra -- Ell Zorrrro & Angell Bonne -- Musiicall Fame & Grease -- William White -- Phil and Tanja Dankner -- Pepe Justicia (Spaiin) -- Sollo Dos -- Rodry -- Go -- Stephan Kurman Strings -- Dani Felber Big Band / Partyband -- ETH Big Band -- Bergitta Victor -- Chica Torpedo. 2005 I founded my own band: LARIBA. A transglobal fusion of Reggae, Salsa, Rap, Brasiland Jazz. I'm playing Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Batàs, Cajon, Pandeiro, Djembée, and many small percussion instruments. Sometimes also some Drums and Piano. I never cared about boundaries, I always played and listened to different styles. As long asthey are played well. So I found myself in different projects playing Flamenco, Salsa, Pop, Musical, Jazz, Funk, Brasil, Rock, Hip Hop or even some classical adventures. Lately I'm developing a little producing and recording thing which seems quite interesting and growing. And I'm always wondering... what's next?