Drum & Bugle Corps Beatrix

Drum & Bugle Corps Beatrix'

Drum & Bugle Corps Beatrix

Bandname Drum & Bugle Corps Beatrix'
Country The Netherlands
Genre Marching

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Beatrix' is an association where a good sphere and performing go hand in hand. The corps is a group of young people with an average age of 19 years. Beatrix' is doing performances on several contests and tattoos and is a showcorps. On the schedule you will find gigs in The Netherlands but also abroad. The performed in Amerika, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland and Austria. These performances are often a reason to make it a weekend. Those weekends are very nice and good for the sphere in the corps. Beatrix' has been very successful on contests as well. Many times the corps became Dutch Champion and at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade they scored very well. Recently they became Open Dutch Showkorps Champion 2003 in Assen. Each year Beatrix' goal is to do an entertaining show on the field. Theater on the field with quick drill and big effects. This style is coming from Amerika. American writers' arrange the music but Dutch hands make the show. Beatrix' exists of around 85 members. You don't need an education to join this corps. To be a member of Beatrix' is an experience you will never forget. A group of friends who work very hard and have a lot of fun. The Percussion The percussion of Beatrix' can be split in a field- and pitpercussion. On the field the percussion is a big part of the showfigures and they are a essential part of the visual picture. The field percussion excists of tuned bassdrums, quints, snares and cymbels. The "pit", also called front ensemble, exists of the following instruments: xylophones, vibraphones, bells, conga, timpany etc. They are a supporting the melodies in the corps. Beatrix' is using rudimental drumming. Timing, dynamics and musicality are the characters for the percussion. The percussion what Beatrix' is using is Pearl.