European X

European X

European X

Bandname European X
Country The Netherlands
Genre Marching

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Independent indoorpercussion ensemble European X is established in 2009 by the Independents Music projects Foundation (IMP). The mission of European X is to offer members from European marchingbands or drumcorps in Europe the experience to learn from staffmembers from one of the best Units in the world of indoor percussion. This is made possible through the formal collaboration with the famous Rhythm X (Ohio/USA), multiple WGI independent world champion. Each year a minimum of three staffmembers from Rhythm X, fly over to teach the castmembers on rudimental-, marching- and bodymovementskills. In addition, the castmembers are also learning much about how an indoorpercussion programm is written, should need to be developed, and need to be performed.
Next to the American staffmembers from Rhythm X, European X has its own collective of excellent Dutch Staffmembers. The whole staff quarantees a high quality educational experience. A ride that will help the castmembers to improve the level of their own marchingband and drumcorps. This is of course a side effect to be very proud of and that gives European X its unique place in the land of indoorpercussion.

The shows of European X are highly entertaining, full of fast drill, large musical effects and the use of props and materials you do not expect in a drumline show. The percussion ensemble is devided in two
groups: The front ensemble and the battery. The front ensemble uses vibraphones, marimba's, guitars, bassguitar,keyboards, drums, percussion, samplestations and electronic pads. The battery is the groupe that is playing on snaredrums, tenors (multiple toms on carriers), tuned bassdrums and cymbals. They are also moving around the gymfloor to portrait the theme of the show.

The rehearsals of European X are held in Joure every other weekend, between october and march. The castmembers are from all over the Netherlands and the last 2 years from Germany as well.  European X is a competitor in the circuits of Colorguard Nederland (CGN) and Indoorpercussion Europe (IPE). During the winterseason the ensemble performes about six to eight times during the contests in Europe. These contests are held in sportcenters. In 2010 European X was crownd as the CGN champion. Last year European X finished as the runner up during the CGN championships. European X is therefore the most succesful independent indoorpercussion ensemble in Europe, at this moment.
Next to competing,  European X organizes also educational events, such as clinics and workshops, during the year. The very strong collaboration with Rhythm X makes it possible to cover and discuss all sort of marchingpercussion topics for instructors, players and members of a board.

European X is very proud to be part of the Pearl family. Pearl generates the best quality in both drums and percussion that the Music instrument industry has to offer at this moment. Pearl takes the developing of instruments very serious. Pearl is also supporting the Indoorpercussion stage in the whole world. Because of that Pearl is a huge partner. Not just a manufacturer. For us?: Pearl is the only choice.

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