Fredrik Andersson


Fredrik Andersson

Bandname independent
Country Sweden
Genre Metal
Product Configuration
  • a 22"x18" Masterworks Bass Drum
  • b 8"x8" Masterworks Rack Tom
  • c 10"x9" Masterworks Rack Tom
  • d 12"x10" Masterworks Rack Tom
  • e 13"x11" Masterworks Rack Tom
  • f 16"x16" Masterworks Floor Tom
  • g 18"x16" Masterworks Floor Tom
  • h 14"x6,5" Masterworks Snare Drum
  • i 20"x14" Masterworks Gong Drum



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"I started playing drums around 1991. Before that I had been playing guitar in a band and also the piano for about five years. I’m completely self-taught but I had influences from drummers such as Adrian Erlandsson from At The Gates, Tom Hunting from Exodus and Nicke Andersson from Entombed. In 1993 my band ”A Canorous Quintet” recorded a 4 song demo called ”As Tears” which landed us a record deal on No Fashion Records. The demo was released as an Ep in ’95 through the sub-label Chaos Records. I recorded two full lenght albums after that with the band, ”Silence of the World Beyond” in 1995 and ”The Only Pure Hate” in 1997. In 1998 A Canorous Quintet split up and in October that same year I was approached by Amon Amarth. Early 1999 I recorded the first album with Amon Amarth called ”The Avenger”. The same year I also recorded an album for the band ”Guidance Of Sin”; a project with some members from A Canorous Quintet which was released under Mighty Music Records. Up until 2008 I have recorded five more albums with Amon Amarth; ”The Crusher” in 2001, ”Versus the World” in 2002, ”Fate of Norns” in 2004, ”With Oden on Our Side” in 2006 and the latest ”Twilight of the Thunder God” in 2008. All albums released through Metal Blade Records. In 2005 I started up a new project with all the members from A Canorous Quintet, but instead of taking the same name and calling it a reunion we chose the name ”This Ending”. We recorded one self produced demo which landed us a record deal on Metal Blade and in 2006 the debut ”Inside the Machine” was released. In early 2008 the follow-up was recorded, called ”Dead Harvest”. Dead Harvest will see a release in 2009. From the first show I did with Amon Amarth at Wacken open air in 1999 I have now played well over 400 shows. Not counting numerous underground shows I did during the years 1994-1998. For 2009 the plan is to tour Europe, North America, South America and Australia." -Fredrik Andersson