Gene Hoglan

Testament, Death Angel

Gene Hoglan

Bandname Testament, Death Angel
Country USA
Genre Metal
Product Configuration
  • a 24" x 18" Bass Drum (BMP2486BX)
  • b 13" x 9" Tom (BMP1309T)
  • c 15" x 13" Tom (BMP1513T)
  • d 18" x 14" Floor Tom (BMP1814F)
  • e 14" x 5" Limited 10Ply Birch Snare Drum (BZ1450)



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Gene Hoglan is famous for his technical playing - that is, executing complex patterns on the drums - at extremely high speeds. In 1984, Hoglan began his music career as a roadie (lights engineer) for the seminal thrash metal band Slayer, where he also played the drummer during the soundcheck. At the end of the same year he was asked to join the thrash metal band Dark Angel as the drummer. 

He penned most of the lyrics for Dark Angels' next two albums. He achieved greater notoriety during the mid-1990s playing with Death, at the same time that bandleader Chuck Schuldiner was taking that group into a more progressive style. Subsequently, he recorded one album with the thrash metal band Testament, and made the acquaintance of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Devin Townsend, forging a lasting friendship. He recorded several albums with Townsend, both as part of the speed/industrial/death metal band Strapping Young Lad and under Devin Townsend's name. 

He currently performs with Zimmers Hole, Meldrum, and provides the drums for Dethklok from the popular animated series Metalocalypse.