Jerry Brown

Courtney Pine, A1, Miss Dynamite

Jerry Brown

Bandname Courtney Pine, A1, Miss Dynamite
Country United Kingdom
Genre Session

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Having played the drums since 8 years old, Jerry played his first gig at 14 years old and by 18 was playing the drums on the Gloria Gaynor tour. He is an incredibly versatile drummer and has played with a variety of top Jazz, pop and gospel acts including the Mercury Award winning Ms Dynamite, Jamelia, A1 and Courtney Pine. He recently played a promo tour with Tina Turner and is currently preparing for a summer festival tour with Will Young. He has just recorded a DVD with Jamelia and also a DVD for the Fame academy tour. Recent Developments: The last few years for jerry Brown has been very exciting working with such artist as: Will young ( UK & European tour05’-08’) Marti Pelow (album.06’) Tony smith quartet ( album & tours.06’,07’) Shiro saguisu (manga soundtrack & showcase tours, japan.05’-08’) Sam moore & eric bourdon “Soul brittania” ( live show & tv’s) Girls aloud greatest hits (tour 07’) Belinda Carlilse (live showcase & tour07’) Jerry is currently in preparations for the girls aloud arena tour 08’ & girls aloud summer tour 08’ around the united kingdom. Also will young has started the year with the acoustic tour UK & Europe. -What is it you like so much about playing Pearl Drums? What I truly love about the drums that pearl make, I can only put into 1 word…. “solid” & that’s concerning the sound & hardware. Very nice. -Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums? There are so many drummers that influenced me!! Well, I would say uncle Jim, my brother Nicky, Vinnie Colaiuta & Joel smith. Dennis played a good part in it too. -Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow? In my mind, the drummers & drums of tomorrow will not only be rhythmic but it will have a strong harmonic vibe that it’ll bring a new identity to the “drum table” -What do you like most about being a drummer? We get to sweat on stage. -What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show? Please don’t ask, I’m still having nightmares…. hard disk drives!! -What do you practice and for how long? I practise most days playing & lot’s of listening. Also, I’ve always loved watching live shows, so whatever artist I’m listening to or watching, I’ll checkout the guy or lady on kit & percussion. -What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry? Well, giving advise to young drummers who want to make it in the industry is really hard because times change, but what I would say is be the best that you can be. Listen to everything, learn all styles, never stop until you find your person on the instrument, be cause I believe that is what draws other folk to you. Be flexible & just be cool in your conversation & vibe, I think if you can hang, you’ll stay on gig! -If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be? Donny Hatheway, James Cleveland. Hendrix, jamming with Bob Marley, you know what I’m saying right?? I know it won’t happen down here so who knows….