Kari ”Lacu” Lahtinen


Kari ”Lacu” Lahtinen

Bandname Popeda
Country Finland
Genre Rock

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Lacu plays in Hanoi Rocks who reformed in 2001. He’d previously been with Michael Monroe’s solo band after jamming with him in his hometown. He bought his first Pearl drums at the age of 16 and he hasn't used any other brand since! When they recorded People Like Me, Hanoi’s first single in 17 years, he contacted Scandinavian Musical Instruments, who are Finland’s main Pearl distributor, and said that he wanted a big stage sound and asked if they could organise something more than his usual kit. Lacu was completely blown away…Lemon Burst Masterworks with Gold hardware and the best sound ever…they’ve been with him ever since…"Hey, they were too good to be in a warehouse so he had to buy them!" 2004 was a good year. Lacu toured in the summer with Hanoi Rocks and then recorded a new album with them to be released at the end of January. Also he enjoyed recording with another band called Snakegod. Their album will be released sometime in the near future and any news can be found on their website www.snakegod.com 2005 is going to be busier than ever…A European tour with Hanoi starts at the end of January continuing to Japan and the USA in the summer. All tour details and news can be found at www.hanoirocks.com Lacu is looking forward to being in the States for the first time. The fans out there have had a long wait and we are looking forward to giving them a fantastic show.