Marc Quinones


Marc Quinones

Bandname independent
Country USA
Genre Percussion

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Marc Quiñones (born December 29, 1963) is an Puerto Rican/American percussionist, a longtime player in salsa music, and a member of the Southern rock group The Allman Brothers Band.

Born in The Bronx, New York, he began playing drums and congas at the age of three and was playing professionally at the age of nine. In his youth he played timbale with Latin music stars such as Tito Puente and co-founded a group named Los Rumberitos. At the age of 17 he joined the salsa music band of Rafael de Jesus. He then graduated from high school, and had a daughter.

Quiñones spent the next five years in salsa master Willie Colón's band, playing every percussion instrument at one time or another. His ability to sight-read music led to him becoming musical director of the band for the last two years; he also co-produced one of Colon's albums. He then spent two years playing with Rubén Blades as well as playing on and touring for David Byrne's Latin music Rei Momo project. In 1989 Quiñones joined the jazz fusion band Spyro Gyra where he played for two years.

After a chance meeting with Butch Trucks in 1991, he was recruited to join The Allman Brothers Band. There he plays alongside drummers Trucks and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson; the general pattern is that Trucks is the timekeeper, Johanson adds colors, and Quiñones establishes rhythms that the guitarists can play against.

When the Allmans are not active, Quiñones plays with various salsa bands and works as a session musician for albums (such as Marc Anthony's 2001 Libre), television soundtracks, and commercials.