Niklas Vestman Jensen

Royal Life Guard's Fife & Drum Corps

Niklas Vestman Jensen

Bandname Royal Life Guard's Fife & Drum Corps
Country Denmark
Genre Marching

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Niklas Jensen is a great marching band enthusiast and a drumline/drum corps teacher in Denmark. He is musically influenced by friends from the Royal Danish Navy Band and Drum Corps International. He is also a successful competitive snare drummer, recently at the Indoor Percussion Europe's snare drum competition. He also does a lot of work for the young kids and students in the local area of Eastern Jutland, Denmark. He especially works with "Hinnerup Marching Band" teaching the drumline to be more accomplished drummers and percussionists.

Niklas Jensen teaches both marching and concert percussionists nationwide in Denmark. He teaches with emphasis on technique and style and his reputation is spreading, and his work, style and teaching is successful.

There was no way Niklas could have known that percussion, especially marching and concert percussion, would rule his life. If you ask his parents, there would definitely have be signs right from the beginning - when using pots and pans as objects for drumming, or even stomp at the age of 1.
He started drumming with Hinnerup Marching Band - a local marching band - in 1997. At that time it wasn't really the drum he was attracted to - it was actually the uniform. But as the years went on, people started to recognize his skills at drumming and gained much respect for his talents - and today he is one of the most skilled snare drummers in Denmark. From 2002 he also became a member of Aarhus Pipes and Drums, where he has played scottish tenor drum as well as side drum. With he has won titles at the scandinavian championships, the copenhagen winter competitions and the danish championships. In 2009 - 2010 he worked as a full time marching military snare drummer with the Royal Danish Navy Band.