Pierrick Lambert

H-TAAG, independent

Pierrick Lambert

Bandname H-TAAG, independent
Country France
Genre Percussion

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Pierrick Lambert,(1981), Drummer and Percussionist, has been playing drums since the age of 4 and at 11 years old he accompanied his first group. 

In 2001, Pierrick earned two percussion diplomas with Michel Cerutti (Gold medal and price of musical improvement) from national conservatory of Music in Rouen, France and has studied to Rouen and Paris at the superior national Agostini’s music schools with Phillipe Marchesetti, Bernard Basso and Jacques-François Juskowiak. 

He began his professional career like teacher at 16 years old to different schools and music conservatories. He played in many local bands/orchestras like "Rouen brass ensemble", the "Big-Band d'un soir" with Bastien Still, the Belmondo brothers, Opera Orchestra of Rouen, Alain De Nardis, Trio Omnibus, "La Familia"... 

He also played with many bands like Catia Werneck, "Drama", La Movida (in Savoy), the Blues Brothers "Eight Killers", the national circus "Alexis GRUSS" etc ... 

From 2007 to 2015, He performed with the French and European country Tour "Age tendre et tête de bois" (DAVE, SHEILA, Catherine LARA, Ginette RENO, The Magic Platters, The Golden Gate Quartet, Michel DELPECH, Claude DUBOIS, Philippe LAVIL, Eric CHARDEN, Alice DONA, Annie CORDY, Chico & Les Gypsies, Hugues AUFRAY, Demis ROUSSOS, Michele TORR, Gigliola CINQUETTI, Claude BARZOTTI, Richard ANTHONY, Patrick JUVET, Francis LALANNE, Jeane MANSON, Bobby SOLO, Isabelle AUBRET...) with no less than 850 dates. He also performed on the scenes of "Olympia" with famous french singers : Georges CHELON, Claude BARZOTTI, DAVE, Michèle TORR… 

He recorded various CDs and Studio Live (Marie Myriam, Georges Chelon, Claude Barzotti, Michèle Torr, Dave ...) and participated in various television shows like "Vivement Dimanche" with Michel Drucker. 

Pierrick is currently participating in « H-TAAG » project.