Tim Cox


Tim Cox

Bandname independent
Country Germany
Genre Metal

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Reference Pure

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Born on May 16th 1991 in the south of Germany, Tim Cox started playing the drums when he was six years old. Since then he took classes by various different teachers, who supported him to find his individual sound. In 2006 Tim and his friend created the metal band Hackneyed and got a record deal at the independent label Nuclear Blast two years later. During the years of playing in Hackneyed he played various different tours and over 150 shows all over Europe and the USA. In 2014 he moved to Mannheim to study drums at the Pop Akademie University. Together with two of his mates he created the rock band „Golden Means“ which stands for raw and authentic rock music. During his three year course at the PopAkademie Tim already worked with teachers like Udo Dahmen, Jost Nickel, Jojo Mayer and many more.